Univesité Rennes 2
DATE 28-09-2021 DURÉE 00:40:01 GENRE Conférence PUBLIC Tous publics Auteur Pierre Jannin Producteur Université Rennes 2 / Université Rennes 1


A l’occasion de la conférence MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention) Pierre Jannin, directeur de recherche à l’INSERM nous alerte sur les enjeux sociaux, sociétales et environnementaux du numérique.

Digital technology (DT) is everywhere for the benefit of our daily and professional life. It strongly impacts our life and was crucial to keep professional and social activities possible during the past and current health crisis. Similarly, digital technologies are key within biomedical engineering research topics. Innovations have been generated and introduced over these last 40 years, demonstrating how computing and digital technologies have impacted health care. Although the benefits of digital technology are obvious now, we are at the convergence of several issues which makes us aware about social, societal and environmental challenges associated with this technology. This paper introduces and defines these challenges for digital technology in general, as well as when applied to health care. The objective of this paper is to make the research community more aware about the challenges of digital technology and to promote more transparency for innovative and responsible research.