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The Landscape Research Group, founded in 1967, is a charity that promotes greater understanding of landscape. We do this by funding research and publications, organising and sponsoring events, giving educational awards and providing expert advice. We publish the peer-reviewed journal Landscape Research and a newsletter, Landscape Research Extra. Our main priority is to advance research to contribute towards equitable and sustainable relationships between people and landscape. We are concerned with all types of landscape, from wilderness and cultural landscapes to the built environment: in effect, the entire surface of the earth.

LRG represents (through our trustees, members and partnerships) a broad range of disciplines: geographers, planners, landscape architects, archaeologists and ecologists to list but a few. This diversity is fundamental to an holistic understanding of landscape – its evolution and its future. Our membership is open to anyone who has an interest in landscape and the ways we shape, and are shaped by, the places in which we live.

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