Univesité Rennes 2
DATE 17-06-2016 DURÉE 00:08:40 GENRE Reportage PUBLIC Tous publics DISCIPLINE Environnement et développement durable, Aménagement et urbanisme, Géographie Auteur Laurence Le Du-Blayo / Céline Vervaele Réalisateur Université Rennes 2 Producteur Université Rennes 2 / Université Bretagne Loire / Région Bretagne / Ville de Rennes et Rennes Métropole / FP7 / HERCULES / Landscape Research Group


This video was provide during the HERCULES workshop the 16th and 17th of june 2016 in Rennes. HERCULES is a European research program FP7 (2013-2016) named Sustainable Futures for Europe’s Heritage in Cultural Landscapes.

This video present the workshop field trip with the group of participant, the 17th of june 2016 , around the Rance valley, north of Rennes, in Bretagne.

The purpose was to meet local stakeholders (farmers, municipalities, cider producers…) that have various status (public, private, NGO…) but that all develop an activity related to a specific terroir that can preserve and promote the rural landscapes of the Rance valley. The quality of the practicices (hight steem, bocage…), is linked with the quality of the producs (cider and poire, organic cheeses and buckwheat…) and also necessary for the diversity and quality of the landscapes.

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