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Advene, a Look Back on 20 Years of Video Annotation Instrumentation

Olivier Aubert, Nantes Université (France)

Advene is a research project and a video annotation tool that started in 2002. It aims at enabling users to practice active reading on their audiovisual documents, originally focusing on movies. At that time, video on the web was basically not usable, except through proprietary plugins that prevented external control. We chose to consider DVDs, which were the main stable and legal source of video documents. Presently, Advene remains actively maintained and utilized, and has adapted to the technological and conceptual changes of the ecosystem, to be able for instance to annotate online videos using ontologies. It is still used in its original application of media studies, but has also been used in other fields such as sociology, ethology, arts…Positioned within the realm of Digital Humanities, Advene reflects the dichotomy inherent to such projects: digitization brings powerful tools and methods to humanities, but also a number of constraints, limitations and methodological changes that have to be taken into account. We would like to take a look back on this 20-year experience to provide some lessons learned about furnishing end-users with an effective video annotation tool, based on the experience of past and current projects.

Olivier Aubert is an independent consultant in knowledge engineering and an associate professor in computer science at the University of Nantes (Polytech Nantes – LS2N) in the DUKe team. He engages in interdisciplinary research focusing on knowledge modeling, engineering, and visualization, with a specific emphasis on audiovisual annotation and digital humanities. As an author and contributor to open-source software, he is the architect and lead developer of the video annotation software Advene, actively involved in projects like AdA (audio-visual rhetorics of affect) and REMIND, a method to understand the micro-dynamics of experience. He also conducts research related to education through open educational content (CominOpenCourseware), and has developed dedicated video annotation tools such as CocoNotes.