Univesité Rennes 2
DATE 09-02-2023 DURÉE 00:14:13 GENRE Conférence PUBLIC Tous publics DISCIPLINE Architecture et art du paysage, Arts visuels et plastiques, Histoire de l'art, Cinéma, Danse, Musique, Théâtre, Informatique appliquée Producteur Université Rennes 2


Intuitive Access to Oral History Video (The Pellaton Experience)

Bérénice Serra and Léna Frei, Institute Digital Communication Environments (Switzerland)

The Pellaton Experience, a specialized web portal for dance research, was developed by the Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE) at HGK Basel FHNW in collaboration with the SAPA Foundation (Swiss Archive of Performing Arts). The SAPA Foundation’s archive houses interviews, dance notations, video recordings, and reviews, offering a comprehensive view of the Swiss dance scene. Recent emphasis on the « oral history » research method resulted in a substantial collection of audiovisual data, posing the challenge of making this unique content accessible to diverse audiences, leading to the creation of the Pellaton Experience project. The lecture will explore how the research project strategically presents archival materials from oral history interview series, aiming for a comprehensive understanding of the discussed topics. This effort was made possible through collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, including experts in video/media, art history, and IT (SAPA), as well as professionals in graphic design, project management, game design, and architecture (HGK Basel FHNW). Key research questions focus on user interface and user experience design, aiming to optimize scenarios like « expert search » and « uncoordinated browsing » to enhance the overall choreographic experience. The project strives to provide innovative solutions to improve accessibility and deepen the understanding of the rich history within the SAPA Foundation’s archives. Consequently, we will delve into specific aspects of this interface while also establishing broader connections with themes such as digital archives, dance documentation, oral history, gesture in dance, and design.

Bérénice Serra is a media artist based in Zurich whose works focus on the notion of publication how content goes public in the digital age. In 2022, she published the results of her research project on Tactical Publishing in collaboration with socio-anthropologist Jean-Paul Fourmentraux and the director of Espace Multimedia Gantner, Valérie Perrin. She is currently a guest professor at the Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE), FHNW Basel.

Léna Frei works as a research assistant at the Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE), FHNW Basel. Her research interests are centered around the interplay between humans and technology, with a special focus on game design. Her fascination with computer games – both as a gamer, researcher, and designer – has been the starting point for various projects in academia, design, or interactive narration.