Univesité Rennes 2
DATE 09-02-2023 DURÉE 00:27:47 GENRE Conférence PUBLIC Tous publics DISCIPLINE Architecture et art du paysage, Arts visuels et plastiques, Histoire de l'art, Cinéma, Danse, Musique, Théâtre, Informatique appliquée Producteur Université Rennes 2


From Source Annotation to Scientific Publishing: the PENSE and PerVisum Projects

Jean-Christophe Carius and Chloé Pochon, INHA (France)

Encoding Sources and « Textovisual » Annotation

Using examples drawn from the development of the PENSE platform, we will present a synthesis of lessons learned in our approach to the encoding of historical sources in art history, and more specifically to the enrichment of textual and visual historical sources. We will show how data annotation can be seen as a key point in the process of enriching these sources and we will demonstrate some of the workflows and interfaces we have developed for this purpose. Finally, we will also address the question of how this mode of research through annotation can be incorporated into the flow of a scientific article and we will present the principles of a forthcoming project produced by INHA, PerVisum, that aims to develop a scientific publishing format based on the annotation of visual sources.

Jean-Christophe Carius is a research engineer at the Research Digital Department of the French National Institute for Art History (INHA) with particular responsibility for the development of INHA’s PENSE platform (Plateforme d’édition numérique de sources enrichies) since 2020. Combining design and web development skills, he practices digital humanities using a prototype-based design approach, agile methods and design thinking processes. Previously, he also created the WIKISTAN web platform as part of CETOBaC (CNRS-EHESS-Collège de France), dedicated to area studies on Central Asia, as well as ARCHIPEDIE, a collaborative platform on the history of modern and contemporary architecture, produced by La Cité de l’architecture.

Chloé Pochon manages documentary and digital resources at the Research Digital Department of the French National Institute for Art History (INHA) since 2021. Her role includes curating and managing data from the databases of the establishment’s research programs and partner institutions, as well as designing data processing and structuring workflows. She is responsible for ensuring data quality and format in the PerVisum project, as well as developing visualizations and digital editions for INHA’s research projects.